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UPDATE - 1/13/19:  Sunglasses are back in stock!

Offered here are the sunglasses worn on Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions, complete with authentically reproduced markings!

    These sunglasses are official American Optical "Original Pilot" sunglasses as worn on every early NASA mission, and on the Moon, in their original Apollo configuration: 

    • 52mm Gold plated frames
    • Bayonet Temples
    • Calobar Green Glass Lenses*
    • Replica Apollo-era NASA part and serial numbers stamped on the right temple.

    *Calobar Green Glass lenses are pure and polished, distortion-free optical glass, chemically toughened and hardened for impact and scratch resistance. 
    98% UVA/100% UVB protection

    These are THE original sunglasses issued to NASA Astronauts, USAF pilots, Naval Aviators, and more, from 1958 onward.  Still made today by American Optical in the USA.

    These frames are able to take your regular glasses prescription, just bring them to your local optometrist! 


    Luna Replicas is proud to offer these sunglasses as an American Optical Authorized Dealer.  


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