Long NASA watchbands - Original Apollo-era Velcro - P/N SEB12100030-202

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Apollo Long Watchband description:

An exact replica NASA long watchband as used on Apollo and Skylab missions, both on the wrist and outside the spacesuit while on Lunar and "spacewalk" EVA. 

Fits 20mm and 19mm lug width, 21.5" long, using original 1970s era military Velcro of the same type issued by NASA, exact reproduction metal rings, OD green tape with authentic P/N and SN markings.  To wear on your wrist, simply wrap the band a few times and then secure with velcro.  This is as close as it gets to the original Apollo-era NASA issued long watchband, hands down.

Made by Kizzi Precision Flightgear and authorized for sale through Luna Replicas!