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Fisher's incredible AG7 "Original Astronaut" Space Pen engraved with the correct NASA P/N and replica serial number.  First used on Apollo 7, fisher pens have been used on nearly every NASA mission since 1968. 

The current model (NASA P/N SEB12100051-207 and -208) with side button has been produced unchanged since 1970 and used continuously since Skylab I. 

Luna Replicas is proud to be a Fisher Space Pen Authorized Dealer, and offer the AG7 with replica NASA P/N engraving.

As originally issued by NASA:

-207 comes issued with a blue ink cartridge

-208 comes issued with a black ink cartridge

(Both variants can take either cartridge)

 Price is for one space pen with ink cartridge and gift box.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The Perfect Pen

The AG-7 pen is an awesome writing instrument for daily use as my desk pen set. I have both serial numbered pens (NASA P/N SEB12100051-207 and -208) and the different serial numbers come in handy when I have to fill out and submit paperwork and forms that require only the use of blue or black ink. I just simply look at the number of the pen that i'm about to use, and easily confirm the ink color that I will be using. Pen feels great in my hand, and has a solid feel to it, very well made too.

Great Attention to Detail

Yeah, you can get this pen elsewhere, but for the same price, Luna Replicas includes correct NASA part number and serial numbers engraved into the case, like the originals that were flown in space on Apollo and Shuttle missions.

Yet another great offering from these guys. Thanks!