Project Astrovette Endeavour

Project Astrovette Endeavour's goal is to preserve & restore Apollo 15 CMP, Al Worden's original, custom-ordered 1971 LS-5 Corvette. Found in Texas in 2017, after being lost for 45 years, this is one of only 3 original "Astrovettes" known to have survived out of the 6 custom ordered between 1969-71 (Crews of Apollo 12 & 15). 

Join Luna Replicas' Max Kaiserman, and Al Worden's grandson, Will Worden, on our journey to bring Al's Corvette to the world.

Our mission: To creatively inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, history, art, and math. Using automotive & aerospace history, restoration techniques & trades, we hope to continue Al Worden's journey to instill confidence & STEAM creativity in all of us. Astrovette Endeavour serves as a hands-on, historical project through in-person and virtual exhibits & experiences. 


 Update 4/23/2023:

Thank you all who came to the Simeone Car Detective Demo Day, and listened to our talk on AstroVette Preservation vs. Restoration yesterday. For those that have asked: we have decided to PRESERVE the AstroVette! We will explore minor Restoration where previous repair work may have been completed with non-GM parts or didn't match the paint correctly. Otherwise we're keeping the body and paint as original as possible, after a full mechanical restoration. Huge thanks to Kevin, Will, Harry, and everyone at Simeone that made it happen, as well as my co-speakers; experts Kevin Mackay (Corvette Repair Inc.: ), & Leslie Keno.  

Photos by Andrew Taylor, Simeone Staff Photographer.



Update 10/1/2022:

The AstroVette is on temporary loan to the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, in Philadelphia, PA: a world leader of restoration/preservation techniques for historically significant automobiles. Check out the audio visual "Inspiration Moon" experience, showing clips from Apollo and the new Artemis Programs alongside the AstroVette. More information and dates will be published for special events very soon.  


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