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3/1/22 - NOW IN STOCK

As used on every Apollo mission, officially "Kit, Pilot's Preference," or "PPK" for short.  These are recreated in heavy duty modern nylon fabric, in place of the original Beta cloth, so that they are usable and affordable for everyone!  Based on original Apollo flown and unissued PPKs, we matched every detail down to the stitch. 

Luna Replicas PPK:

  • Individually hand made in the USA
  • Durable white, 400 Denier nylon
  • Bonded nylon mil-spec thread
  • Brass, reinforced grommet
  • Replica Apollo-style data tag
  • Bag size (flat approx.): 6" wide, 8" tall
  • Mylar issue bag & NASA decal

Each Apollo mission carried several PPK (stowage list P/N SEB 12100018-202) to hold souvenirs, personal food, letters, and other equipment that each Astronaut wished to bring.  Many of the souvenir flags and other flown memorabilia for sale today were carried in Apollo PPKs like this one.  Use yours for any adventure, big or small.  

(Price is for 1 PPK bag, no other accessories included, but most are available HERE)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
This PPK is perfect for miscellaneous items

The PPK is a good kit pouch/bag for holding miscellaneous items small and compact enough to be on my desk and does not take up that much space, and the overall size is perfect for my needs. The material used to make this PPK has a good and solid feel to it. A little stiff at first use, (since I just got it today 3-2-22) but I am certain that it will break in with time. And confident enough to write an immediate review about this item. Once again Lunar Replicas has done it again with another good item. I'm such a fan of them now.