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UPDATE 11/13/19: We have now tried 2 more knit companies and their quality was not up to our standard. 3rd time is the charm, and we believe we have them dialed in. The final sample is arriving this week, then we should have the whole batch in hand within two weeks. Once they arrive, we can complete our Type 2 run and move on to the next project.  We are very sorry for the delay, but the quality of the knits is critical for the longevity of each jacket. 

Expected jacket shipping: early December 2019.

Luna Replicas brings you our flagship line, "Flight Wear" Type 2 NASA flight jackets.  These jackets are built from the ground up using historic examples to recreate the original jackets, exactly as they were made for the Apollo astronauts & crews.  

All facets match the original Type 2 jackets exactly: including single-piece woven cuffs, reinforced sleeve zipper, navy blue colored main zipper, original new-old-stock black enameled pocket snaps, custom dyed lining fabric, and a water-resistant shell fabric that is indistinguishable from the original.

These jackets are authentically tougher and a little better reinforced than the earlier Type 1s. We have also added some water resistant treatment to the fabric, so these jackets will get you through a rainstorm or an accidental spill!

Each jacket comes with a vintage-style "Type 3" NASA logo patch sewn on; an homage to the Apollo 1 crew that wore the same patch as well as the crew of Apollo 11 aboard recovery ship USS HORNET.  These patches are embroidered on original machinery with vintage materials, matching the originals in every way (a $25 value alone).  Also sewn to the jacket is a Velcro loop tape for your name badge and wings on the right chest, as worn originally by NASA astronauts.

(Also available without patches in a limited run HERE)

This isn't anything you've seen before. Luna Replicas spent nearly a year developing these jackets with our custom manufacturer in Los Angeles, to bring you the finest wearable, museum-quality reproduction possible.  You will not be disappointed. 

U.S. Men's Chest Sizes 36 through 52 will be available. (SEE SIZE CHART)

Price: $350-$375 each, plus shipping. 

Made in the U.S.A.

(Photos of production samples and original NASA flight jacket)

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