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July 20, 1969: LM-5 "Eagle" touched down on the surface of the Moon carrying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They came in peace for all mankind. On one leg of that Lunar Module was an aluminum plaque bearing a map of the world, the signatures of the three men who bravely journeyed there, and of the President of the United States. 

Bring home a desktop replica of that plaque!  Black printing on brushed aluminum, sized nicely at 6x8" (about 15x20cm) to fit in a shelf, desk, or mounted in a frame. 

These come flat, but can be gently and easily rolled (recommended while still in the packaging), to allow the plaque to stand on its own, replicating the curve of the original plaque, still proudly sitting on the Moon, wrapped around the lander leg.

Made in USA.