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Presenting the LUNAR OUTFITTERS - APOLLO SPACESUIT POCKET EDITION book set!   These come directly from author and 45 year ILC Dover Spacesuit Technician, Bill Ayrey.  Hand signed hardcover book, slipped perfectly inside an exact recreation of the Apollo A7L spacesuit hip pocket in REAL BETA CLOTH.  "LUNAR OUTFITTERS: MAKING THE APOLLO SPACE SUIT" is the official record of the history of Apollo spacesuits worn on the Moon and handmade at ILC Dover.  

These pockets are recreated from original drawings, specifications, & materials, and PERSONALLY sewn by Catherine Peregrine, the original ILC Dover seamstresses who was directly responsible for pocket construction on Apollo spacesuits from 1967-1972. 

Included in this set: 

  • SIGNED hardcover edition of "LUNAR OUTFITTERS" by Bill Ayrey
  • BETA CLOTH Apollo spacesuit pocket, sewn and signed by Apollo spacesuit seamstress, Catherine Peregrine
  • Historical documentation letter about the Apollo suit pocket, written by Bill Ayrey and signed by Catherine Peregrine

This pocket was developed and provided by the author, Bill Ayrey.  Sewn by Catherine Peregrine, and assisted by spacesuit expert, Ryan Nagata. 

Made in U.S.A. 

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