2024 H-Style Wrist Calendar Set

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Exactly as worn by NASA astronauts on their Forstner/JB Champion bracelets throughout Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab, here are current sets of wrist calendars! 

Designed for any watch, with or without date window, these wrist calendars are a vintage functional addition to any watch.  Can be added to any watch bracelet, strap, or leather buckle up to about 20-22mm bracelet width. 

Reversable: brushed steel on one side, brushed gold on the other.  Simply line it up, whichever side you wish, and bend the tabs around.  Discard at the end of the month and replace with the next one! 

Each set includes 12 metal H-style month calendars of the current year (2024), and FREE USPS First Class shipping! (Shipping may apply if combined with other items, or for international customers)


(Speedmaster and bracelet not included, but available separately!)