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An exact replica NASA short watchband as used on Apollo, Skylab, and early Shuttle missions while inside the spacecraft and during training (the longer version being used on the outside of the spacesuits while on Lunar and "spacewalk" EVA). 

Gray/green "foliage" mil-spec grosgrain tape replicates some of the watchbands seen throughout Gemini and Apollo. Most recently, Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott's Bulova watch sold with an original long "-202" watchband and foliage gray grosgrain tape. 

  • Fits 20mm and 19mm watch lug width (actual width is 3/4" mil-spec hook/loop material, with 1/16" allowable tolerance, as specified by NASA. Sometimes these are closer to 19mm and have a slight gap at the lug for Speedmasters or Bulova watches, which is correct for the original issued straps during Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle era).
  • 11.5" long - fits 6" to 8.5" wrists
  • Made with modern Mil-Spec Velcro Brand fastener of the same type issued by NASA
  • Exact reproduction stainless rectangular ring
  • Foliage gray/green military spec grosgrain tape
  • Authentic P/N and SN markings

This is an excellent, daily-wear version of the NASA‐issued short watchstrap and will hold up to any mission, big or small. 

Now made in-house by Luna Replicas!

Made in USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perfect strap

The strap looks great on my lunar pilot. I rate it „just“ 4 stars because of the high shipping cost.
20 bucks to Switzerland is on the high side… otherwise good job guys

Very nice band

I was a bit concerned about ordering, as I was not familiar with this company. I took a chance. The band is excellent quality (a little stiff at first so needs a couple of days of breaking in). This band looks really great on the Lunar Pilot!

Fred M
Perfect for the Lunar Pilot

Ordered this the same day I ordered my Lunar Pilot and put it on the watch as soon as it showed up. Fit is perfect, feels super comfortable and just makes the watch look that much more amazing. Great price, perfect strap.

Nice product

Nice product, well made and comfortable.
Not like too much the fact that is narrower than 20mm but that are nasa's specs.
Shipping a little pricey to Italy (i had to add customs fees) but I'm happy with the product and appreciate a lot the passion and effort you put in what you're doing.
Thank you guys

Scott Wilkinson
Comfortable and cool

Bought this on a whim. What a great strap. Definitely worth it.