AG7 Fisher Space Pen - SEB12100051

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Fisher's incredible AG7 "Original Astronaut" Space Pen engraved with the correct NASA P/N and replica serial number.  First used on Apollo 7, fisher pens have been used on nearly every NASA mission since 1968. 

The current model (NASA P/N SEB12100051-207 and -208) with side button has been produced unchanged since 1970 and used continuously since Skylab I. 

Luna Replicas is proud to be a Fisher Space Pen Authorized Dealer, and offer the AG7 with replica NASA P/N engraving.

As originally issued by NASA:

-207 comes issued with a blue ink cartridge

-208 comes issued with a black ink cartridge

(Both variants can take either cartridge)

 Price is for one space pen with ink cartridge and gift box.


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