Apollo Critical Space Item Meatball Decal Set (3)

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Three (3) exact reproduction, weather-resistant vinyl Apollo-era "CRITICAL SPACE ITEM" Meatball decals, as used by NASA beginning in 1967. Designed directly from an original in our collection, these match the original decal design as closely as possible, but in an updated durable vinyl material.

Originally called "Form 1368-A," we bring you "Form 1368-LR!" (Original decal shown for comparison, not included).  Decal is true to the original size: 3x6", with a 1/4" extra backing on the right to make it easier to remove the decal.

Set includes 3 DECAL STICKERS, and FREE USPS First Class shipping! (Shipping may apply if combined with other items)

Luna Replicas has been approved by NASA to use the Meatball logo for this specific item. 

Made in U.S.A.