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UPDATE 5/19/2023: BACK IN STOCK! These may be the last we ever get, so get yours now! 

These penlights are RAW BRASS, and will ALL have some tarnish on them out of the box. This is natural and you can easily polish them to a bright shine with any brass polish in seconds.  We're discounting the penlights from $120 to $99 for this minor inconvenience.  Returns for tarnished brass will not be accepted.  

Complete your Apollo flight gear collection with this fully functional replica of the Apollo Penlight.  Originally made by the ACR Electronics Company as the FA-5, this penlight is custom made by Barbolight to replicate the form and function requested by the Apollo program. 

Just as designed for Apollo, our penlights are a functional, slender design, easily stowed in your Inflight Coveralls, A7L spacesuit, or in a pocket for everyday carry (EDC). 

  • Solid brass construction
  • Updated with a warm-white LED bulb, simple turn operation
  • Sapphire Lens
  • 100 meter water resistance
  • 8 Hours of use on a single set of batteries
  • 100 lumen output
  • Takes 2 standard "AA" batteries (not included)  

These are authentically marked and individually serial numbered. 


NOTE: These are uncoated RAW BRASS.  They will tarnish with age and handling, which is natural (and completely authentic, believe us we have an original from the Apollo program).  Some may come slightly tarnished in the box from storage, but they can easily be polished, or left alone and used without issue.  



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