Apollo Shears - SDB42100059-202

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UPDATE: 9/6/19 - Back in stock!  

As issued on all Apollo missions, "Scissors P/N SDB42100059-202," these stainless surgical shears are fully functional for a multitude of uses.  Originally these were used to open food packets in space, but also found many other purposes like any good sturdy tool. 

These 8" surgical shears are designed to cut through plaster casts, wire, and thick fabric. They include a spring to be able to be used with one hand, then locked in the closed position.   Several of these shears were carried on the outside of the A7L suits in case they were needed on the Lunar surface, as well as inside the spacecraft.  Now you can use them at home on your own exciting journeys. 

Deeply laser engraved with correct NASA part number, and modern Luna Replicas serial "10LR" to distinguish from an original.  

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