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Offered now is the Apollo Sunglasses replica case, in heavy duty modern nylon fabric to make these affordable for everyone!  Based on original Apollo flown cases, we updated the original Apollo NASA pattern to add just 1/2" in width, allowing these cases to fit modern sunglasses and be usable everyday.  

Luna Replicas Nylon Line Apollo Sunglasses Case:

  • Individually hand made to modern spec
  • Durable white, 400 Denier nylon
  • Bonded nylon mil-spec thread
  • Custom replica impact-resistant injection molded plastic liner
  • Replica late Apollo-style data tag
  • Mil-spec chrome snap

These style sunglass cases were brought on every Apollo mission (stowage list P/N SEB 12100034-203) to hold the American Optical Original Pilot "aviator" sunglasses, worn in space and on the surface of the Moon.  (Sunglasses NOT included)  


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Sanchez


Jack woerner
100% Accurate!

100% Accurate! Every detail of this case is bringing old school NASA to life-the type print font, the stitching, the betatype cloth, all point on! It even weathers to a nice dirty “moon dust” patina lol. Great snap to secure the hatch. And the molded plastic glasses holder inside is good plastic - not some cheap blow molded thing that will brittle break from UV shortly. Duly impressed!
Be aware-it fits the AO pilot with 140 earpieces but not sure a 145 or 150 will go?

Dan Oldja
Every stitch matches

This is by far the most unique sunglasses case I’ve ever purchased. It feels good in the hands, using high quality materials and it matches the original case to the last stitch. Truly a piece or art. I’m a stickler for details in things like this and I did research into the original, finding photos to cross reference and was not disappointed. This is such Stunning recreation of the original with the only difference being with the printed tag having slightly more text, to tell you that it’s not a real NASA article. Customer service was phenomenal with Max helping me set out a shipping issue which was my fault. This glasses case is a great addition to any space enthusiasts collection and I highly recommend it.

Coolest sunglasses case ever!

This case is the coolest! It looks really good and I get a lot of friends asking me about it because it's so unique.

It doesn't fit the larger Ray Bans like my RB4147 pair which is a little bummer. If it did then I'd have two cases.

However it does fit my new Ray Ban RB3595 pair. My new sunglasses are more traditional and honestly make more sense for a case like this so it really completes the look 👍 this case is awesome!

Very cool!

I already owned a pair of American Optical Original Pilots and when I heard about this case, I immediately ordered one. Perfect fit, excellent construction.