Apollo Tether Hook Keychain

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EXACT 1:1 fully functional reproduction of the Apollo tether hook, as used on the lunar surface and deep space EVA throughout the Apollo program. These carried different part numbers depending on their use, some with or without the locking mechanism.  We decided to recreate SEB33100200-303, which was one of the hooks used on Apollo 11 by Neil Armstrong in the LM and on the surface of the Moon. 

These hooks were exactingly made from original flown examples, and milled from aluminum then hard anodized just like they were in the 1960s. They are individually serialized with part number and serial engraving.  Without hyperbole, these are as close to the real thing as possible. 

These hooks were made to be used while wearing space suit gloves, so they are easy and intuitive for everyday use. The authentic single action locking button shows green for locked, red for unlocked. Included is brown herringbone box stitched nylon webbing piece, with an 18mm flush shackle (and mini screwdriver set), which can hold up to 8 regular keys comfortably and safely.


This product is NOT intended for load bearing use, and is for display ONLY. Use beyond display or non-load bearing use is at your own risk.  

Hooks reproduced in partnership with our friends at Global Effects/Orbital Surplus, serialized engraving by Concord Aerospace.