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Presented to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the placement of this memorial plaque on the surface of the Moon.

Luna Replicas is proud to offer a precisely detailed 1:1 scale reproduction of the Astronaut Memorial Plaque, as placed by the crew of Apollo 15 at the conclusion of their third and final Lunar EVA, August 2, 1971.  Commander Dave Scott then snapped a photo with his Hasselblad camera.  This plaque and photo have become moving reminders of the sacrifices made to further human exploration and knowledge.

Each 5.875" x 7.125" (14.92cm x 18.01cm) brushed aluminum plaque reads the names of the following heroes in alphabetical order:
Bassett, Charles A. II
Belyayev, Pavel I.
Chaffee, Roger B.
Dobrovolsky, Georgi T.
Freeman, Theodore C.
Gagarin, Yuri A.
Givens, Edward G., Jr.
Grisson, Virgil I.
Komarov, Vladimir M.
Patsayev, Victor I.
See, Elliot M. Jr.
Yolkov, Vladislav N.
White, Edward H. II
Williams, Clifton C. Jr.

On the back of each plaque comes complete with a certification decal which reads:

"In honor of the fallen who gave their lives for the exploration of space, this plaque was placed on the surface of the Moon by the crew of Apollo 15.  Hadley-Apennine: 26°4'54"N, 3°39'30"E"

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