Long NASA watchband - MIL-SPEC - GRAY Tape - P/N SEB12100030-202

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An exact replica NASA long watchband as used on Apollo, Skylab, and early Shuttle missions, both inside and outside the spacecraft, worn on the wrist and on the exterior of spacesuit arms while on Lunar and "spacewalk" EVA.

Gray/green "foliage" mil-spec grosgrain tape replicates some of the watchbands seen throughout Gemini and Apollo. Most recently, Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott's Bulova watch sold with an original long "-202" watchband and foliage gray grosgrain tape.  

  • Fits 20mm and 19mm watch lug width
  • 21.5" long - fits most sized wrists by wrapping around two or more turns.
  • Uses modern Mil-Spec Velcro Brand fastener of the same type issued by NASA
  • Exact reproduction stainless rectangular ring
  • GRAY/green "Foliage" military spec grosgrain tape
  • Authentic P/N and SN markings

This is an excellent, daily-wear version of the NASA‐issued long watchband and will hold up to any mission, big or small. 

Now made in-house by Luna Replicas!

Made in USA