Randall Model 17 Astronaut Knife

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Randall's original custom knife that they made for the Mercury Program, still made individually by hand by Randall Knives in Orlando, Florida.  We are proud to offer a few of these when we can get them, in like-new or very lightly used condition.  All are extremely high quality hand-made construction, no two are exactly alike.

Each Mercury Seven astronaut was issued this Model 17 "Astro" knife by Randall in 1962, as specified by Astronaut Gordon Cooper. These were specifically designed to help escape a Mercury spacecraft and survive in the event of an off course landing.  

Razor sharp 5.5" long by 1/4" thick stainless steel blade with full tang, covered by Micarta grip panels.  Mercury astronauts carried a fish hook and line, and possibly matches beneath the grip panels.  Each knife comes with a matching leather sheath made by Randall, complete with sharpening stone and parachute cord ties. 

These Randall knives are rare and currently have a 5+ year waiting list.  When in stock here at Luna Replicas, this knife will ship immediately. 


Made in U.S.A.