VINTAGE STYLE - NASA "Meatball" Patch - Apollo, Type 4

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Exact replica patches based off the original 2 5/8 inch "Type 4" Apollo-Era NASA "Meatball" Patch.  This replica patch is machine embroidered to be extremely accurate to the original smaller NASA "Meatball" worn by astronauts on Apollo 9, 10, 12, 14, and 15.

This was the first embroidered patch with the modern blue outline. 

These are made with old stock fabrics from the 1960s, and embroidered on vintage machines to match the original patches exactly.  They are marked on the back in ink with "MFG. LUNA REP" to distinguish these from originals. 

Luna Replicas has been authorized by NASA to use the vintage Meatball logo for this specific item.


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